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Benefits of Couples Photography

A Mindful Couples Photography Session is the perfect way to celebrate love, set intentions for the future, and savor sweet memories for a lifetime. 

Couples Photography Sessions increase connection, provide space for couples to make stronger bonds, and energetically invest in the future they are building. Through mindful prompts, play, and connection we co-create an experience that will leave you feeling loved and inspired.

Investment begins at $350

How to Amplify Your Session

To make the most out of your session it is highly encouraged to let go of any nerves and JUST HAVE FUN. We will dance, maybe sing, discuss some of our favorite things, and practice connecting on a soul level while making it look absolutely stunning! Being playful before the session, giving each other compliments, and practicing the habits of a happy relationship will not only make beautiful images, but will maintain a beautiful love.

9 Ways to Emotionally Invest in Your Relationship prior to a Session

  1. Assess your Relationship and Set Goals/Habits for Success 

  2. Track your progress

  3. Celebrate the Positive, and create systems to negate negative habits

  4. Have at least one session of deep and focused connection a day, even if it's 2 minutes

  5. Practice Gratitude before bed or during a Meal

  6. Foster Forgiveness and Compassion 

  7. Respond with love

  8. Kind, Honest, and Consistent Communication

  9. Remember that happiness begins with you! 

Legendary Love

Digital Images are amazing to look at but printing them is a sure way to be reminded of your love on the daily. Use your images to make holiday cards, blankets, and print for wall art in your home. Reminiscing on joyful memories has many benefits including 

  • Reduction in negative emotions including depression and boredom.

  • Improved communication skills

  • Less stress

  • Enhances personal value

  • Encourages emotional strength and confidence

  • Preserves family history

Upon receipt of your Digital Collection, you can purchase prints, canvas, and other decor to elevate the vibes in your home and bring in more love!

“I am grateful to have been loved, and to be loved now and to be able to love. Because love liberates.”

– Maya Angelou

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