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Who We Are

LUVJOY Studios is a Mindfulness Community that offers mindful experiences including photography, yoga, wellness events, and more. Our mission for LUVJOY Studios is to sow love, and inspire the embodiment of joy for all our clients and community partners. Through intentional connections and empowered action we facilitate experiences to celebrate our clients in Branding, Family, Portrait, and Wellness Event Photography. Throughout our various services, we offer meditations, journal prompts, and mindful guidance to support our clients to showcase their most beautiful self both on camera and in life. 

Our LUVJOY Yoga offerings include wellness events, workshops, yoga classes, and 1:1 Consulting. Our focus with LUVJOY Yoga is support our community to awaken, align, and ascend to our Highest Self. We create sacred space to remember our Divine legacy, honor Divine Truth, and Embody our Divine Nature. We are elated to connect on and off the mat and behind the camera! Connect with us today to continue your journey to living your best life filled with love, joy, and light. 

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Who Are We
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