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Because there is always something to celebrate

Whether you're graduating, having a Birthday, Girls Weekend, or just want some cute pictures of yourself, we are HERE TO CELEBRATE. Capturing moments of joy throughout life has so many benefits of the brain and creates positive emotions that support a happy, healthy, and motivated mind. 

Investment begins at $350

Maximizing Your Experience

Plan, Prepare, and Play is the name of the game when it comes to having an amazing experience. We encourage clients to prep all wardrobe items1-2 days before and lay them out the night before. Turn on your favorite playlist and practice your favorite poses in the mirror to elevate your confidence on the day of! Lastly, bring your A-Game to be playful, powerful, and harness your inner Supermodel! 

Rise to the Occasion

We love setting intentions and our Mindful Photography Experiences are an amazing time to do so. It's like setting up a date with destiny, getting dressed in an amazing outfit, looking good, smelling good, and cultivating beautiful and powerful energy from the inside out! Talk about Manifestation Nation! So we will provide you with time to reflect, embrace, and embody your inner Goddess and Highest Self.

A Beauty that Transcends

Here at LUVJOY our focus and priority is to cultivate Experiences that sow love, and inspire the embodiment of pure joy! Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and so doing what makes you feel beautiful is what we encourage in our sessions, whether that's "AU Natural", a face that is beat for the gods, or somewhere in between, we are celebrating your beautiful journey from the inside out!

Visualize your Highest Self, and then start showing up as Her!

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