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Blissed Out Vision Board Party: Activate your

I am elated to share with you a few steps on how to prepare for creating your virtual vision board, in order to exercise your highest self, do the things that scare you and conquer the world (basically)! Whether you’re attending our Blissed Out Vision Board Party on Friday 1.21.22 or just desire to have a solo session we’ve got all you need to prepare and will have the recording available for you!

Meditate. Pray. Get Clear

The very first thing I invite you to do before you create this beautiful, abundant plan is to get clear and aligned with your Source. Our relationship with our Source is deeply rooted with the experience we navigate to live in the fullest expression of ourselves. If meditation and prayer have not been a recent practice…the time is now! Take a day or 4 to spend time in stillness and silence and seek Divine guidance on these 6 Questions:

  • What is my divine Purpose?,

  • Why is this the pathway?

  • When shall it be done?

  • Where does it happen?

  • Who are the key partners for success?

  • How will it be accomplished?

By asking concise yet open questions, it invites tremendous possibility of our wildest dreams. So, at minimum, take 5 mins to sit in silence away from distractions and screens. Be still and comfortable (not too comfortable so you don’t fall asleep lol) and inquire, invite and explore! Set the Scene for your Bliss. I’m all about a good vibe, so let's set it up right since we are literally developing the proposal and plan for our wildest personal goals!


I recommend creating a Pinterest board or desktop folder for your favorite pictures. Find pictures of the places, people, food, money, business, education, experiences and feelings that you desire to experience in your current and relevant season. When you create a vision, the ability to see it physically, mentally and spiritually sets the tone for the mindset and beliefs that will fuel the action and energy to meet it. Bonus: Find your favorite picture of YOU! One thing I’ve noticed with vision boards is that often we are not one them! You are a central component of making all this happen, so make sure you can see yourself!


What would your Highest Self say to you each day to support your daily action to meet your vision?

· I am wealthy, happy, and healthy

· I am generously rewarded for the passion fueled work that I do

· I overflow with innovative ideas that propel my success daily

· My actions align with the mission of my highest self

· I love myself unconditionally and know that challenges are my training ground for the next level of excellence.

Find what affirmations resonate with your soul and write it down in a word doc or journal so that you can incorporate that into your vision. Being able to integrate all senses into your vision board support its' materialization and sets the tone for intentional and guided action (i.e. sound, smell, touch, sight, taste)

SLP Candles

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Whether completing this with us on Tuesday 1/11/21 or independently, setting the tone with things that support your creative process, innovation and inner peace, allow you to be fully in tune with the process. So, bring some of your favorite things along for the experience!

  • Favorite Beverage (Tea, Infused Water, Cacao)- Bring your favorite beverage to keep you hydrated and happy while you copy, paste, and create

  • Candles, Diffusers, Incense etc.- Spice up your soul with beautiful aroma’s that evoke all the good feelings and possibilities!

  • Cozy blanket, Robe or Power Suit- Wear what makes you happy whether that’s a power suit to evoke some strong courageous vibes or a cozy blanket and sweater to get you comfortable with the uncomfortable.

So now that you have the tools to prepare for this epic experience, go do it! Get ready! I'll see you Thursday! Register HERE if you haven't yet! Mark your Calendars!

And if not, I am wishing you bliss, abundance and immense love as you navigate this process on your own. Feel free to reach out with questions, comments and share your experience below!

Sending you so much love, light, and joy,


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