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Charleston, South Carolina Couple's Photography: Rainbow Row

COUPLES! Are you looking for an epic location with all the vibes, feels and perfect spots to wine and dine! Charleston, South Carolina is truly a gem of the south! Rooted in culture and sacred legacy and growing to meet the needs of innovative, artistic, and holistic populations flocking to their area! Rainbow Row is one of my favorite locations for Couples Photography in Charleston! It has a beautiful selection of colorful homes that make for vibrant, fun, and romantic photography experiences!

First, we started at The Battery which has beautiful oak trees and scenic harbor views and spectacular lighting. As a tourist this is a perfect place to walk dogs, play frisbee, have a picnic with your favorites, or cuddle up with a book! During our LUVJOY Studios Experiences we maximize locations to showcase the vibrance of the couple and the atmosphere around us! Anaiah and Mickey are amazing and showcase the playfulness, connection, and friendship we love to celebrate with our couples!


It's All in the Details

Next, we headed to the epic Rainbow Row! This is one of my favorite places in Charleston to offer Photoshoots! There are beautiful options of colorful homes, beautiful trees, and classic cobblestone roads! Talk about ROMANCE! This is the spot where all the magic happens! Details in a Couples Photography Session truly elevate the experience and the photographs! Texture rich and color walls, street music, and sweet breeze from the harbor are perfect ingredients to a session that satisfies the soul!

Just like relationships, it's small things like grabbing your love big their favorite morning coffee, extra morning snuggles, and gratitude for the acts of love, that elevate and maintain love for many years to come!

I have so much gratitude for all the love, light, and romance that I've been fortunate to capture at this beautiful place! Are you and your Bae looking for a romantic location to celebrate your love and capture?! Connect with us to schedule Spring Couples Photography Sessions! The flowers will be in bloom and the world will be blossoming with all the feels of love and spring! Click here to schedule your Connection Call and we will begin the journey to document and celebrate your journey of love!

Sending you so much love, light, and joy as you adventure deeper into all the love, light, and joy of your Couple's Journey!


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