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Choosing Your Wardrobe for Your Photosession

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Psychology is literally involved in every component of our lives, including what we wear! Colors tell a story and support our expression of our inner feelings!

During LUVJOY Studios consultations we take time to support you in deciding what colors and outfit selections honor the emotions, feelings and intentions you're setting for your photography Experience.

Here are a few tips to support you in making mindful decisions with your next wardrobe selection!

Focus on the Feeling

Take time to really sit with how you feel and think about what color that brings to your mind. Purple is one of my favorites and in celebrates the feelings I desire to feel (wise, royal, and luxuries in spirit) What feelings do you desire more of in your life? As a somewhat shy person (I'm working on it lol) I've been focusing on intentionally wearing more colors that support me being bold, courageous, and ambitious. So red was perfect for this recent session!

Go with the flow

They say music soothes the soul, which is one of the many reasons I love playing your favorite playlist at our session. Go through, make your playlist and prepare for you fun filled session in flow! I am NOT a posey photographer, I am an Energy Photographer so together we will celebrate and honor your natural excellence and essence and music supports the fullness of that embodiment. As Toni Braxton says "Let it Flow"

Less is More

Statement pieces for the win! I will never encourage you to break the bank in order to get the ideal outfit for your Photosession. The key is finding something that makes you feel beautiful. Focus on texture that makes your skin smile, colors or patterns that bring you joy and maybe just a few accessories that celebrate your inner fire! Choose a bold print or color for one item and let the rest complement. Less is more my love!

Honor the Occasion

Take time to think about how 80 year old you would want to see and celebrate you in these photos! Celebrate each season of your life, whether in your youth, in your royalty, in love, or in a season of strength and courage. This is your time to shine love! Something that helps with this process of thinking of the feeling you desire when you look at the photos and then finding an outfit that honors that. For instance if you want to feel strong and bold for a branding session, a bold red or powerful pink may be good choices to honor your strength and also complement and highlight your divine feminine power. There are so many stories to tell through colors, let's curate yours today! Click here to schedule your Connection Call for your next Mindful Photography Experience! Can't wait to celebrate your story!

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