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Grounding in Gratitude

Hey friends!

Happy October! We are officially rolling into the abundant holiday season of thankfulness and togetherness (yes thanksgiving season starts for us in October lol). So we have a Fall Bucket List of activities to support our growing gratitude in the fall season in addition to some helpful tips to cultivate continued inner peace below! I am elated for the growth and support we've experience through 2021 and am elated at the growth. It's like when I look around , so many individuals are growing flourishing and creating a life they truly desire and love, and it's truly beautiful .

On the flip side, we are still in the experience of a global challenge of health

and wellness and send thoughts, prayers,

love and support to everyone as we navigate this challenging season together. Challenging times can foster an inner experience of deep sadness, depression and anxiety that can steal our joy and inner peace. Utilizing professional services such as a therapist is always highly encouraged for these deep rooted experiences of despair. But if you are feeling some seasonal sadness we have a few helpful tips to support you in experiencing the fullness of your joy!

Gratitude Plants Seeds of Joy

A recent study conducted through Harvard explained the benefits of a practice of gratitude and the plethora of help benefits it offers. Gratitude practices including journaling, sharing one thing your thankful, writing a thank you note to someone all cultivate present awareness of a feeling of love and appreciation. This emotional energy expands through the heart, mind, and soul to return us to a mindset of joy and appreciation. There are so many ways we can practice gratitude and today I'll share a few with you as well and a fun Fall Bucket list of experiences to create more experiences of love, togetherness, and gratitude with yourself and your community.

Fumbling Through Finding Gratitude

Some of us may have a harder time focusing on what we are thankful for especially if we find ourselves extremely focused on the things that create barriers in finding joy. What I have found for myself is to identify the thing I am not grateful for first (that uncomfortable or unpleasant feeling) and work myself backwards. For instance, let's say sales goals were not met for the week or you got into a disagreement with a loved one.

We can first identify the unpleasant thought and then ask ourselves "what is this teaching us", "how can we grow from this?" Once we find the lesson or silver lining of how are circumstances are helping us grow, it's a lot easier to find gratitude through challenge. Gratitude is like a seed, those seeds of intention may not sprout for a few weeks or months, but finding the gratitude for the intentional actions we've exercised brings us back to what went well and support our continued growth and inner peace!

So as we flow through this season of gratitude we have created a fun list of activities you can explore through the fall season! We encourage you to make not of your experiences and maybe journal what you were grateful for in each on. Bonus points for reviewing your list of journaled gratitude and reflecting on it all! Press the link below to download the file! Enjoy!

Practices for Grounding in Gratitude:

  • Journal 3 things your grateful for each day before bed

  • Have a family bedtime routine and discuss what each person is grateful for

  • Try a Loving-Kindness Meditation

  • Send a letter or write an email to someone who impacted you in a positive way

  • Take 5 deep breaths when you walk outside and observe on peace of nature and focus on its natural beauty

  • Reflect on 3 emotions you felt each day

  • Reflect on how an unpleasant memory has supported your growth and forward movement

  • Bring awareness to the five senses. Take a moment and reflect on one thing you feel, hear, smell, taste, and hear bringing yourself into the present moment

  • Volunteer

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation

LUVJOY Fall Bucket List
Download PDF • 60KB

We are also offering Fall Photography Sessions through October and November! Want to schedule a session? Click here to schedule your Connection Call.

Sending you so much love, light, and joy!


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