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Myrtle Beach Branding Photography Sessions with LUVJOY Studios

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Branding Sessions are a sure way to propel your business in the direction you desire and showcase your Brand and highest self in a powerful way to your ideal client and community. Guess what!? All the big brands use visual Marketing! Target, Walmart, Apple and the like create emotionally charged images and videos to connect to their ideal customer on a psychological level through intentional color stories, wardrobe, emotions and postures. How can you increase your guest interaction, sales, and profit? A Branding Photography Session and strong Marketing Strategy! Branding Sessions with LUVJOY Studios are an amazing and unique experience because we tailor our experiences to ensure you are celebrated, elevated, and inspired to embody your highest self. Through meditation, journaling, and embodiment, we co-create an experience and visual images that connect you more deeply with your audience.

Blogger/Podcaster-Latorsha Peake

Latorsha is a self care advocate who supports women on their journey to wellness and absolute self care! Through her blog and self care community she inspires women around the world to take the necessary steps to live more fully in self love and self care!

How Branding Sessions support Business Growth?

Visual Imagery increases sales by millions of dollars every year. Commercials, flyers, pamphlets, and all advertising on transportation and throughout or everyday atmosphere share their message and Brand story through visuals.


Haileigh is a mindful 200-HR Registered Yoga Teacher that focuses on embodiment and education of the 8 limbs of yoga. Her yoga classes are mindful, dynamic, and make you feel amazing from the inside out! She is currently expanding her knowledge and continuing her yoga education through a 300-HR YTT. Haileigh also teaches paddle board yoga and provides various mindful experiences and workshops as well!

The Proof in Numbers:

  • 65% of people are visual learners

  • 63% of brands receive their best return on investment (ROI) from videos and 56% from visual images

  • Visuals increase a viewers desire to read by up to 80%

  • Articles with relevant images get 94% more views, on average, compared to articles without images.

  • 90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most crucial factor in an online sale, according to Etsy and Justuno

  • 50% of online shoppers say, "large, high-quality product images are more important than product information, descriptions, or even reviews."

Photographer- DeElva Dash

DeElva is a dynamic and beautiful soul in addition to a serial entrepreneur. She is the owner of Seven-oh-nine clothing line that inspire culturally conscious designs for apparel, home decor and more. In addition, DeElva is a photographer covering various regions in North ans South Carolina including Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, and surrounding areas.

Realtor- Nikki

Nikki is a beautifully mindful real estate agent who brings the peace to the home buying and home selling process. She serves the Myrtle Beach, Conway, and Grand Strand areas. Through her kindness, attention to detail, and connection, Nikki provides an experience that puts your mind at ease. She is also a Yoga Teacher that focuses on sharing the rich wisdom and roots of yoga and the 8 limbs of yoga. Nikki is truly a light and breath of fresh air for her students, clients, and community.

The LUVJOY Branding Process:

  1. Identify your Brand Story: What, When, Why, How, Who

  2. Assess and choose colors that align with your Brand Story

  3. Identify Your Ideal Client, how are you connecting your brand story to them?

  4. Practice Posing and expressions that align with how you desire to show up visually

  5. Embody your Best Self and have an amazing Branding Experience!

  6. Utilize your brand images in diverse ways including infographics, flyers, and blogs to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience!

Marketing Strategist-Lashawn Dreher

Lashawn is a brilliant Marketing Strategist that takes the worry and stress out of social media management, content creation and all the above in the science of entrepreneurship. She sets the tone with her clients with an in depth consultation and provides a effective strategy for them to reach their sales, profit, and engagement goals. Lashawn is also a Networking Queen who facilitates the BLK Women Hustle Network. She inspires and connects women all around the world to be the best version of themselves and reach their business and branding goals through community and connection.

Ready to take your business branding to the next level!? Schedule your connection call here today!

Sending so much love, joy, and light!


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