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How Self-Love and Mindful Movement Cultivate Beautiful Branding Photography

After doing more than 200 Photoshoots I've learned that the most beautiful Photoshoots happen when we start with Self-Love.

Being in love with who we are, on an energetic level, is so clearly illustrated on camera. And when we allow ourselves to let love in fully, that's when the MAGIC happens!

A few things I love to have my clients do before and during a session is practice self love. Some of my favorite activities include:

1. Reflecting on a time they were most proud of themselves

2. Imagine their Highest Self and embody HER

3. Dance!

It's easy to understand how #1 and #2 could be helpful to elevating the mindset to show up on camera and in life, but you know there is a science to the connection of body movement and radiating joy.

  • Movement can boost self confidence

  • Movement reduces anxiety and increases relaxation

  • Outdoor body movement can provide effects similar to meditation

When we move our bodies intentionally, it signals our brain that we are safe, we can relax, we can enjoy, and reconnect with BLISS.

Some of the common physical changes that I offer clients when doing a LUVJOY Branding Experience is to relax their shoulders, unclench the jaw, shake our the hands and release tension, press the hips back and allow the heart to open forward, and jump for JOY!

The way we show up in our photoshoots has a direct connection to how we show up in life. Whether it's being a little shy, feeling uncomfortable with hand placement, or being able to confidently smize' for the Gods, we can use our experiences on camera to elevate our experiences in life!

Body awareness can give us a guide of what our body, mind, and soul need to allow inner joy, comfort, and BLISS.

So an activity to practice this week to elevate your body awareness and bring in more Self-Love and Inner Bliss is to find 1 moment each day to stop and simply breath. Observe where your shoulders are, allow them to relax and bring awareness to your posture. Observe any tension in your jaw or tightness throughout your body and maybe offer yourself a 20 second stretch in any areas that is tight. BONUS: Have a 5 second dance party to reactivate your joy, self-love, and inner Bliss!

Here is a Self-Love Bingo Board you can use for the week to elevate your Self-Love and step into your Bliss!

These practices are great for preparing for your next Photoshoot in addition to being ready to RADIATE in LIFE! Let me know how it goes! You can follow me on instagram and Facebook to stay in the know with practices that I use to maximize my day and navigate Bliss on the daily!

Sending you so much love, light, and joy!


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