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Myrtle Beach Couples Photography Session

Couples are one of our favorite experiences at LUVJOY Studios because we LOVE to CELEBRATE LOVE! Valentine's Day always highlights relationships whether between couples, families, or best friends! But relationships take year-round commitment to flourish and grow to their full potential! Taking some intentional time to celebrate the ones you care about most makes for memorable moments, strong bonds, and happy hearts for sure!

Couples' photography offers some amazing benefits outside of enjoying beautiful pictures!

  1. It's a beautiful way to invite more fun- During our Couples Photography Sessions not only do we click some beautiful images, but we curate moments of fun that elevate laughter and invite play. We may play some simple games, say sweet and silly things to your loved one, and you may or may not get tickled! Research has shown time and time again that laughter is a significant factor in increasing connection, friendship, and elevating the bond of a relationship. So, let's get to laughing loves!

  2. Deepens the Bond- When we set the tone of fun and play, it more deeply invites us also to build trust, intimacy, and deeper bonds. We feel more comfortable with ourselves and one another and show up more authentically. The journey with your partner is exactly that a journey, highlighting the highs and lows of life and finding gratitude and appreciation for lessons of each phase and stage of growth. We love to incorporate some mindfulness practices like loving kindness meditation, gratitude sharing, and lots of hugs to foster and experience of connection and love!

  3. Practice Intention- Relationships can be challenging, especially making time to connect deeper and grow as we navigate the full schedules and routines of life. Photoshoots offer you time to commit, connect, and slow down a bit; to intentionally activate practices of love and intention. Eye gazing, compliments, holding hands, and so much more are ways couples can create intention in speaking and exercising each other's love language! Our Couples Photography Sessions are essentially a date that gets to capture your most beautiful moments! So, what are we waiting for! Date night here we come!

In addition to booking your next Couple's Photography Session, we've shared some great couples' activities to continue to build strong bonds, increase intimacy, and practice love with intention:

  1. Yoga

  2. Road Trip

  3. Volunteer

  4. Kitchen Dance Party

  5. Meditation

  6. Couples Massage

  7. Board Games

  8. Gardening

  9. Cooking Class

  10. Spend Time in Nature

Let us know how you and your Bae are spending time, connecting, growing and bonding in 2022! Feel free to tag us on Instagram and Facebook sharing your bonding activities! Sending you all so much love, light, and joy! Happy Bonding!


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