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Myrtle Beach Mindful Photography Experience: Birthday Bliss

Birthdays are such a perfect time to capture and celebrate your your personal journey. During our LUVJOY Studios Experience we curate a personal experience to remember, honor, and embody your Highest Self. We take time to pay homage to our past challenges and triumphs that elevate you year over year.

Birthdays are like personal New Years, an opportunity to set intentions for our forward ascension and growth.

Celebrating a personal new year is an opportunity to reflect on how far you've come, what you have accomplished and where you are headed. During our Session we reflect on what you are proud of in your most recent season in addition to what you're inviting into your new year.

One added bonus that clients experience during their Birthday Session, is to set the intentions for their personal New Year. I have been hosting Vision Board Parties over the last few years and something I know for sure is that people often have difficulty accomplishing goals they aren't aware of. So by setting aside some time for ourselves to cultivate a mindful practice for the upcoming Personal New Year, we invite and align more deeply with the energy of our desired intentions.

Getting Grounded

Getting centered is one of the first things I facilitate with my clients by standing in the grass or sand, closing their eyes, and taking some long and slow deep breaths. The breath is one of our simplest forms of acknowledging life exist. By focusing our attention on this beautiful and critical component to our existence, we release distractions and connect more deeply with our inner peace.

Once we are grounded, I offer an invitation to visualize and develop intentions in their mind. Seeing is believing they say, so visualizing your intentions and goals through your mind and imagination brings the one step closer to reality. Creative journaling and sketching are other activities you can practice to initiate the physical birthing of your dreams.

Tuning in to Gratitude

Once we have grounded, centered and envisioned, it's time to connect more deeply with gratitude. There has been much research conducted on gratitude, frequency and the law of attraction. Visualizing your goal and creating the emotional joy and thankfulness that you would feel upon experiencing it prior to

experiencing it, alters your energy in a way that invites that intention into your life more. When we experience gratitude we are often times more likely to be generous, feel safe and increase our faith that good things exist around us and are coming to us. By tuning our energy to a gratuitous "radio station" we are more aligned with the good tunes and experiences of prosperity and abundance.


Embodying our Highest Self

"Embodiment is the physical illustration of our thoughts through our

breath, body, and energetic being."

This is hands down my favorite part! After we have grounded and created a beautiful awareness of the present, and tuned into our gratitude, we can them embody the essence of excellence in our mind, through our body. This means through our eyes, the way we stand, our posture and breath. So much of our communication is non verbal, so utilizing body language to illustrate the essence of our Highest Self translates through our photos, giving us a physical representation of the beautiful souls that we are.

Comments that I get most often include "what do I do with my hands", "I'm not very good in front of the camera", or "you're going to have to pose me because I don't know what to do". But when we think about ourselves with the fullness of love, light, and power, our most capable and confident selves, this is not what we probably envision. So while I do provide support throughout the experience and offer gestures and small movements for posture, we focus on celebrating whatever movements and motions come to you and elevate them! Feeling the love, feeling the joy, and experiencing the abundance from the inside out radiating from your heart space to and through your photographs, this is Mindfulness Photography.

After we have embodied and celebrated the beauty of co-creation we send you off to go and live your most abundant life and beautiful New Year!

The practices offered in our experiences can be utilized not simply for birthdays but for setting new intentions throughout your day, week, or season! The practice of mindfulness is one that can incorporated in the simplest of tasks like washing dishes or developing a multi-billion dollar idea! The possibility is endless!

So are you ready to embark on your Mindful Birthday Experience? Click here to schedule your Connection Call and begin your journey!

Sending you so much love, light, and joy!


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