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Photography, Emotional Safety, and Mindset

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Hey friends! It's Janeen I'm so excited to be back in a blogging space because I love writing too! Photography like many things in life, has deeper level and meaning when you begin to peel back the layers. Our world is literally a playground and school. We learn, grow, play, experience some crises, heal, and are granted many opportunities to transform and continue the cycle. So how does Photography, Emotional Safety, and Mindset work together.

Emotional Safety

Researchers and yoga scholars have identified that our bodies hold space for many things. Our basic boldly functions and instincts but also every lived and thought experience. We literally hold our emotions in our muscles. How crazy is that. Imagine if our skin was covered with the words of every emotion we've ever felt. How would this make you feel? What would your body say? Thankfully that's not the case but to put things I perspective, awareness of our emotional body is the beginning of transforming our Mindset and life. If we don't have emotionally safety, it's less likely that our Mindset will be one that supports our highest evolution of self actualization, success, and life satisfaction. One of the most common areas of our body that people are most uncomfortable with on camera is their hands. What could this mean? One theory explains that our hands represent what we are handling, clasping on to or letting go of in life. A common phrase I hear is "tell me what to do with my hands" and why on a small scales some basic direction can support a Photography Session, but when reflecting on what that could emotionally represent, how can we foster an emotional experience for life where people feel more confident and empowered to "handle" their lives in a way that brings full joy, "letting go" of what no longer serves their life and maybe "clasping" on to their hope, faith, and actions that their heart expresses despite what the world presents.


Emotional safety is the fertile soul that our mindset can grow and flourish in. Maslow, a well renowned psychologist developed the hierarchy of needs which illustrates our need to have basic physiological needs, safety, belonging and love, self esteem, and self actualization. The theory suggest that our life satisfaction and happiness is way more likely when these components are met in life.

So in effort to attain the mindset and life outcomes that we believe we are destined to have and truly desire, checking in with our emotional and mental map is so important. A miracle mindset is one that basically has the best and most upgraded computer program. It can help you quickly assess situations and tell your body to do the actions that support your growth, safety, and life satisfaction. The quote "She believed she could and so she did" that woman had a miracle mindset, one that creates miracles because it simply believes enough to act without physical evidence. Through spiritual faith, mental faith, emotional and physical faith this mindset can magnetize one's life in full alignment with their passion, purpose and full pleasure of life.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect and journal on the questions below:

  • What would your body say if your emotions were written on your skin?

  • How does that make you feel?

  • What are you encouraged to do in order to align more with emotional safety and miracle mindset?

Create a plan that includes dates, people support and S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timed actions to support you in Embodying your desires.

So this my friends is why I take a wellness approach to my photography experiences. Yes, I desire for you to have beautiful pictures, but what I desire more is for your to have a beautiful life and embody the fullness of your beautiful soul. So be well my love! Let's commit to our inner awareness, cultivating emotional safety for ourselves and others, and developing a mindset that helps you show up fully and handle experiences on camera and in life

If you enjoyed this blog I encourage you to share it with a friend and let us know your thoughts!

With so much love and joy,



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