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The Business of Being Healthy

Are you a wellness entrepreneur that’s ready to elevate your business and bring wellness to the world through your gifts, passions, and purpose? Well, you’re in the right place! One thing I’ve seen over the last year is a vast amount of wellness entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with offering their services and trying to leverage marketing, social media, and so forth and end up burnt out, overwhelmed, and uninspired!

Wellness at the Core

Wellness must be at the core of our business, and the numbers don’t lie! When you look at some of the top performing companies not simply with sales, but also employee satisfaction, turnover, and positive world impact these companies are fostering wellness at the core level.

Apple, lululemon, and Johnson & Johnson, and USAA, are a few companies that have developed strong wellness programs for their employees that encourage belonging, connection, innovation, and productivity. these organizations cultivate a wellness culture by providing competitive pay, wellness offerings like on-site reiki and fitness centers, access to counseling, and even company gardens! As a small business entrepreneur that may have between zero and ten employees on your team, how do you incorporate this in a cost-effective way? I've listed a few of my favorite ways below! These are wonderful and practical ways to integrate wellness at the core of your personal and professional life.

  • Pray & Meditate for and about your Business

  • Utilize the Energy Systems and Psychological Sciences to support Wellness in your Brand

  • Take 20 mins a day to dream about your business goals

Include Personal Wellness Goals in your Business Strategy

One thing I loved incorporating over the last year were massages, reiki, women’s circles, and a few days to sleep in. What I noticed is that this supported my inner joy and wellness and gave me the rest and relaxation I needed to continue to be innovative, inspiring, and consistent! A few tips to incorporate wellness into your business goals include:

  • Include movement as a part of your work routine; even 10 mins can be impactful

  • Budget in a monthly wellness activity (massage, reiki, therapy, etc.)

  • Journal to track your wellness progress

Personal and professional wellness truly establishes the core of vitality in personal and professional well-being. If you'd like to learn more about how to cultivate well-being personally and professionally, click here to schedule a Connection Call to explore the possibilities of the 8-Week Wellness Journey to Bliss!

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