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The Glory of Graduation

2021 Seniors! It's almost that time to celebrate your dynamic journey of academics, personal development, and life milestone! Graduation Day! Because this moment is such a monumental one, capturing it is a MUST! So we are sharing a few benefits of scheduling graduation photos and how to prepare!

Life Long Legacy

Whether it be parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents or other family and friends, sharing the legacy of your accomplishments is important. Being the first-generation graduate or the 10th, shows continual growth, accomplishment, and tradition of elevation in your personal and professional journey. When we look back at our pictures years down the road with children of our own, nieces and nephews or extended family, we are brought back to the happy and challenging times that molded us into the people we have become. We reflect on the adventures, the great laughs, great connections, and lessons learned. And we can share the wisdom from our journeys creating more beautiful moments of sharing and bonding.

Best Foot Forward

They say time flies when you're having fun, but I have truly come to the experience that time simply flies, and enjoying each moment whether in High School, Undergrad, or Grad School, taking time to be in the moment of your accomplishment brings so much joy to the celebration of your phenomenal accomplishment and cultivates a launch pad for what's to come! One aspect of our Graduation Sessions that we love is the inclusion of a few professional headshots that clients may use on LinkedIn and other professional media outlets. LinkedIn and other professional networks recommend having a professional or high grade headshot that creates a strong first impression to recruiters. Before anyone reviews your experience, education, and current job role, the first area they see is your picture, so we love setting our seniors up with a strong first impression by including this in your session. Graduation is the beginning of the true adventure, landing your dream job, acquiring grants or funding for your small business, or cultivating professional networks that win, are some of the payoffs to setting the tone with a strong impression through our Graduation Photography Sessions.

Embody the Excellence of your Future Self

The benefits of a Mindfulness Photography Experience with LUVJOY Studios is that we curate a special and personalized moment that focuses on your intentions and goals and infusing them into your session. So, you want to be a Fortune 500 CEO, or create a powerful business or your own, or be world renowned philanthropist? Whatever it is, we will create an experience to bridge the mindset and energy gap of your present self and future self, allowing you to show up in mind, body, and Spirit as your Highest and brightest self! It's basically like a Mind Body practice session for your professional path. We also support you in our wardrobe consultation to ensure that you are feeling your best and brightest in colors and styles that align with your intention and goals!

So are you ready to get started on your journey to celebrate and capture the excellence of your accomplishments?! Click here to schedule your Connection Call for your Graduation Photography Session. We are so excited to celebrate your extraordinary journey and create powerful intention for your future success.

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