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The Strength in Surrender

Hey Friends! Happy Monday!

This last week has been beautiful and crazy simultaneously! We are so thrilled for the upcoming launch of LUVJOY Yoga on August 8th and the community events ahead. In this transition and expansion, we are aware and mindful of both the excitement, joy, and overwhelm that abundance and growth invite.

In my yoga practice, I've been meditating and praying for guidance on swiftly navigating new waters and living more deeply in alignment. The word of the week which may turn in a month or a season lol is SURRENDER.

The Act of Surrender

When we think of how the word surrender is commonly used, it may feel like weakness, but often times in surrender, we lean into our true strength, strength that surpasses limitations of time, space, and rules. Dictionary definitions often mention ceasing resistance to an enemy or opposing force. I am altering this instead to surrender to the my Highest Source and force releasing ego, karma, and illusion. In the action of surrender, we make space and an innovation for new ideas, clarity, and doors of opportunity. So what in life is asking for your surrender?

Is it your Worklife? Marriage or Business? Finances? Habits?

Making Space for Miracles

I invite you take some time and pray and meditate on what your Creator and Highest Self are guiding you to surrender or release. I have fallen so deeply with the practice of yoga because although it offers amazing physical and physiological benefits, through the physical postures or asana and breath work, I find myself being guided to deeper wisdom and truth which has increased my inner peace and easefulness in this human experience. In yoga asana I have found myself in postures that may be challenging and it's when I surrender and focus on my breath, releasing the ego of perfecting the posture or being as limber as I was in high school, that my body and mind can meet peace, can meet freedom, and meet possibility. Making space in our body and mind allows the opportunity to fold more deeply into a forward fold or release limitations and make room for Divine miracles.

Yoga expands off the mat. The yoga mat is like a training ground for us to practice physical postures and make space that offers inspiration and wisdom on how we live life off the mat. Whether we focus on heart opening postures that support our openness in relationships, forgiveness of self or practicing warrior to inspire our inner fire, strength, and will power to overcome fears, yoga expands our full being.

Intention and Invitation

I pray that you go into this week fully aligned, surrendering your time, actions, speech, and thoughts to your Most High Source of life and love. It's where your true power, beauty and full possibility exist.

If you are looking for an opportunity to practice yoga on the mat and in life, our first yoga event will be Soul Care Sunday on August 8th at 11am click here to register. We will have a sound healing, guided mediation, yoga asana, journaling and group discussion. We are also offering private online and group classes which you can sign up for here. I look forward to connecting with you and celebrating your life of love and liberation on and off the mat!

Sending you so much love, light, and joy!


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